Louise Maynard-Atem

Louise completed her academic studies in chemistry and materials science before joining the Government Operational Research Fast Stream scheme working as an analyst associated with various government policies. 
Image of Louise Maynard-Atem
Upon completion of the programme, Louise decided to transfer from the government sector to that of the Defence sector to rekindle her passion in engineering. This was initially as a Business Modelling and Analysis Engineering Consultant working for BAE Systems CORDA. With a natural curiosity for engineering and business skills, Louise quickly progressed through the organisation with her most recent role being the Innovation Exchange Lead at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence.
In this role, Louise is identifying and incubating the future engineering technologies and capabilities needed to support the business, working with a broad range of engineering and commercial teams.  This includes establishing some key innovative partnerships in the manufacturing and engineering domains using Cyber and the Internet of Things as key enablers.  Louise has a remarkable ability to assimilate any engineering discipline and couple it to the broader business disciplines such as commercial and business development. This makes her a role model for others and demonstrates how flexible and inspiring a career in STEM can be for any women.        
Louise has been a key member of the ‘All In’ club, an employee network that seeks to improve the gender balance within the business, and more broadly, in the industry. She has driven initiatives including; Careers Stories, a repository of career journeys from senior women in the business, which is accessible to all employees; Wellness Week, a series of events to promote mental health and wellbeing. Louise has also interviewed senior business leaders on improving diversity & inclusion across the company.   
Louise has long been a keen supporter of encouraging young girls and women to pursue higher education and careers in STEM; from leading a ‘Robogals’ chapter, to being an active STEM ambassador and outreach volunteer during her PhD studies at the University of Manchester.
Since joining BAE Systems in 2015, Louise has continued to support STEM initiatives, representing the business at professional society events and currently volunteers her time with the STEMettes and The Access Project charities. She acts as both a tutor and mentor in a bid to encourage more young girls and children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue higher education in STEM subjects.
Speaking about her passion for being an engineer, Louise said: “Engineering is a career that offers a host of diverse opportunities, no two days are ever the same and it provides constant intellectual stimulation.
“I’m keen to encourage more young girls to consider careers in STEM, and working with organisations such as the STEMettes to inspire as many young women as possible.”