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SOC Design and Delivery
When a cyber attack occurs, how fast can you respond?
The cyber threat has evolved and matured. Safeguards and defences constructed only a few years ago are no longer able to detect, mitigate and respond comprehensively to the emerging threat landscape.

This means there have been many high profile attacks where an approach has gone undetected, or an alert has been generated but not dealt with promptly. Consequently, cyber-attackers have been able to operate at will for long periods of time before finally being detected.

Traditional security operations only protect against predictable threats. Effective cyber defence against sustained threats now require advanced security operations, threat intelligence and incident response capabilities – but, thanks to BAE Systems, it can be done.

How we help with Secure Operations Centre Design & Delivery:

Organisations must become operationally aware and look to evolve existing capabilities, moving beyond basic security administration (such as firewall management) and compliance driven monitoring. We help our clients:
  • Combine advanced protective monitoring and detection techniques to detect and counter targeted attack campaigns
  • Proactively detect and reverse engineer emerging threats to stay ahead of an ever evolving threat landscape
  • Establish a robust incident management process based on effective playbooks, tailored reporting dashboards and alerts
  • Adopt a prompt and effective response to the most sophisticated attack patterns
  • Develop a mature security operations capability to meet your specific security objectives and to effectively protect what matters to you
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