As an aircraft in which to learn the art of advanced flying – the Hawk was, and still is, peerless. Thanks to the visionary engineering and design of BAE Systems and its predecessor companies, my singular focus in the air was teaching and the focus of the students I taught was on learning and the Hawk provided the perfect airborne classroom for this. 

The Hawk was, and will remain, at the forefront of training technology and at the heart of the flying training systems of many of the world's leading air forces.  But these pipelines must stay relevant to the changing needs of the frontline.
The world is darkening and the threat our military forces face is intensifying.  Our potential adversaries can compete with us in all domains of warfighting, driving the need to be ready to fight collectively across the globe and at scale not considered since the Cold War era. At BAE Systems we have insight built on decades of experience of delivering the highly-skilled people our armed forces need to keep us safe, and we have done that from the classroom to the frontline and everything in between. 

Now, through the work which we are doing with our partners on Project OdySSEy, we are developing a single synthetic environment that harnesses the potential of technology to meet the collective training needs of the military now and in the future.
Central to our success is the partnerships we have forged with some of the leading technology companies in the world - both from the defence and commercial markets.
BAE Systems does not have a monopoly on good ideas or access to all the cutting-edge technologies developed by agile, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).  Our core strength is the ability to use the knowledge and insight gained from our work on Hawk and our broader training experience and to integrate these ideas and technologies into relevant and innovative training capability.  
By working collaboratively with the likes of Hadean, a supercomputing company which recently broke a world record for the most concurrent players involved in an online game, harnessing the data analytics delivered by VRAI, and the simulation expertise of Bohemia Interactive Simulations, we have turned PowerPoint into reality and have already demonstrated the proof of concept.
Now the OdySSEy continues with PLEXSYS working alongside us and our existing partners to deliver high-fidelity synthetics which enable an even greater level of immersion for disparate training audiences.
The Project OdySSEy motto - ‘Mission Readiness – Together’ reflects a spirit of common purpose and genuine partnership.  After all, it takes the collective efforts of our team to meet the collective training needs of our customers.   

The next generation of Air Training

From the classroom to the frontline - and everything inbetween. When it comes to defence and security, we understand that everything relies on well-trained people with the capability to operate and support vital equipment and services; to be mission ready.
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Sir Stuart Atha

Director of Training Strategy, BAE Systems Air Sector