For us, training is all about people.  We help unlock  talent giving individuals the personal skills to master different disciplines; taking students from the classroom to the frontline.

Our international training programmes give students the knowledge they need, whether it is learning new language skills, technical training, air traffic control, logistics or flight crew, the key components for every operational mission.


We help pilots make the challenging transition between elementary training and fast jets, learning from our experts who have a deep subject expertise who coach them through their training and development.


Across the globe, we deliver the skills and capabilities that matter most for our customers; embracing new technologies to enhance training services and products.


We pride ourselves on our close partnership with our customers to ensure we deliver the skills they need to maintain operational readiness.

This human-centred approach delivers individual capability to meet the demands of modern day air forces and support every mission. 

Delivering on our Commitments

Every year, our experts support the training of more than 4,000 people who ensure our customers have the skills they need to  protect their national interests. 

The Next level

Taking people from all walks of life to the frontline fleet, we've written the book on delivering essential training requirements and skills to the frontline, and now we're writing the next chapter.  
We are re-shaping the future of training for our global customers, working with our partners to build on our unrivalled understanding of your needs. 
We’re re-writing the syllabus, re-creating the future classroom using synthetic and advanced technologies to deliver the next generation of skills for the air force of today and tomorrow. 
Forging collaborative, enduring and strategic partnerships is fundamental to our success.  

We work in partnership with our customers to anticipate the complexities of the future battlespace and remain agile and innovative to meet the pace of technological change, while delivering a supportive and meaningful learning experience for students.

Training With the Best

Our training is internationally recognised and delivered in partnership with leading training providers ensuring our customers have the skills they need where they need them, when they need them and at a cost they can afford.


We are working collaboratively with the world’s leading minds and organisations in areas such as operational effectiveness, disruptive technology and human factors to evolve how training will look for the world’s air forces in the future.
Through this work, we can ensure our customers are equipped to take on the challenges of today an answer the questions of tomorrow.