The F-35 Lightning II is designed from our STOVL technology legacy.
These global component repair assignments will until 2025 be global, after which the UK and Australia will undertake an increased scope of repairs for the European region and the Pacific region respectively.
BAE Systems will play a leading role in the work undertaken in both the UK and Australia.
Ian King, Chief Executive, BAE Systems said: “The selection of the UK and Australia to undertake this activity is recognition of the advanced military aircraft support skills and capabilities we have in these countries. Within BAE Systems we have a strong track record of working alongside our national and international customers, and industry partners, in delivering innovative and cost effective support solutions and we look forward to bringing that experience to F-35 component MRO&U.
“BAE Systems plays a crucial role on the F-35 programme in the UK, US and Australia, and today’s announcement builds upon that contribution.”
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