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Masterplan is a Bumiputera fast growing integrator of competitive, innovative and practical business solutions based on Information and Communication Technology.

This strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) allows Stratsec the opportunity to partner with a local Malaysian entity and provide security services to government agencies, with particular areas of co-operation in cyber security, cyber defence, IT security and information security professional services to related government agencies, critical national information infrastructure (CNII) agencies and any initiative under government supervision, such as Malaysian Defence and Security Technology Park implementation.

The MOU is a key step in the Stratsec regional strategy, which shows its continuous commitment on becoming a local specialist IT security company in Malaysia.  Stratsec has been working with CyberSecurity Malaysia since 2007, and has established a talented team with a proven track record both in servicing the domestic Malaysian market, and in delivering services to Stratsec clients in Australia and the broader South East Asia region.

Commenting on the MOU, Nick Ellsmore, Head of Strategic Programmes at Stratsec, said “this MOU is an important step in our strategy to develop partnerships with Malaysian industry.  Stratsec has significant expertise in developing cyber security solutions and with the cyber threat activity experienced last year around the globe, this could have serious implications for government and corporations in Malaysia.  We look forward to working with Masterplan to develop strategies to prepare Malaysia against these potential levels of threat.”

Dato Faris, Chief Executive of Masterplan Consulting, said:

“As the developer for the Malaysian Defence and Security Technology Park ("MDSTP"), it is a great honour for us, Masterplan Consulting sdn bhd, to sign this important MOU with BAE Systems Strastec. Masterplan and BAE Systems Stratsec have enjoyed a long standing friendship, and this agreement will ensure the ongoing support of the MDSTP as we work towards our common goal of establishing Malaysia as a the leading defence and industry hub in the ASEAN region."

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