Tempest and the
Future of Combat Air

Future technology

Tempest concept model
Our role developing technology for Future Combat Air Systems.
A Future Combat Air System must be affordable, flexible, upgradeable, capable and connected and cooperative. Through our work with Team Tempest and as part of the Future Combat Air System Technology Initiative we are looking at the technologies that will make this possible – from reconfigurable communications systems and virtual cockpits to flexible payload configurations and next generation flight control systems.
Separate to this activity and work directly associated with a Future Combat Air System, our Air Sector Technology team continues to champion our international air sector engineering, flight operations and technology capability. The team is driving this activity across all of our key markets to deliver safe, effective and affordable solutions to all our customers by maximising our diverse global industrial base.
To achieve this we collaborate with partners large and small, from within and beyond the defence sector both from the UK and around the globe. Our international air sector enables even greater collaboration, as we work with agility and focus in support of our customers.
Key strategic technology themes the team are working on include:
  •  augmented human performance
  •  artificial intelligence and autonomy
  •  cyber technologies and intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance
  • space and hypersonic technologies
  •  analytics and computing.
Tempest concept model

Factory of the Future

See how our advanced technologies are being brought together to create a first of its kind Factory of the Future.
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CGI of Team Tempest Future Combat Air System concept

Technology Focus

We are committed to exploring and developing technologies and capabilities that will help guide the design and development of a next generation fighter aircraft.
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Tempest and the Future of Combat Air

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