The Academy, designed to benefit the companies in Saudi Arabia in which BAE Systems has a shareholding interest, (AEC, SMSCMC, SDT, ISE and AACC), is aimed at providing delegates from Saudi Arabian companies with the skills and knowledge to effectively develop, improve and implement world class Export Control compliance programmes.
The structured, practical and high-profile training programme, which took place over four days from the 16th to the 19th September, was an opportunity for delegates to develop a deeper understanding of US Export Controls, share best practice and learn how to structure successful export control management and compliance plans.  The programme also included a number of high profile speakers from US government agencies, and subject matter experts from across BAE Systems, who shared their insights, experience and knowledge.
Export control compliance is critical to the success of BAE Systems’ strategy to grow and develop the In Kingdom Partner Companies in line with the KSA National Agenda, which has, at its heart, the aims of Saudisation and Industrialisation of local companies.
Guy Griffiths, Group Managing Director, BAE Systems International Operating Group, explained “World class export control compliance is essential and we are committed to supporting, and ensuring, our Saudi partner companies achieve this”. Guy continued, “Export control compliance is one of the key enablers to help ensure that our Saudi Arabian customer has the capability that he requires, delivered in a compliant manner that satisfies both Company and external regulations.”
Having successfully completed their training, each of the Academy delegates is now fully equipped to drive the export compliance agenda within their respective organisations.  They each have a critical role embedding their plans within their business, providing leadership and support and ensuring that all employees within their business understand and are able to fulfil their responsibilities to export control laws and regulations”.