This is supported by our strong relationships with local industrial partners, and is a result of more than 55 years providing leading edge technology and training to the Saudi Armed Forces.
We continue to focus on expanding skills in our increasingly local workforce. We are supporting the development of a national defence and security industry through our local ‘Kingdom Partner Companies', which make a significant contribution to the Kingdom.
As we play our role in helping to maintain and further develop the Kingdom’s defences, we are focused on delivering the goals of the National Transformation Plan and Vision 2030, working together for a strong sovereign defence industry and a thriving and diverse economy. 
Just as the relationship has helped to build key sovereign capabilities in Saudi Arabia, there has also been a wider benefit of these activities back into the UK in building and sustaining key capabilities and skills.
We will continue to build on our achievements as we work together to deliver a comprehensive defence capability for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Kingdom Partner Companies

We work together with local partner companies to develop, engineer, train and support the innovations and workforce that sustain economic growth, increase defence sovereignty and safeguard commercial interests.
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