Our long-standing presence and commitment to supporting the development of a wider defence and security sector led by Saudi companies has enabled a mutually beneficial approach, with significant progress being made in the development of the national defence industry.
BAE Systems has, over many years, transferred key capabilities, skills and technology into Saudi Arabia, both through the increased Saudisation of our own workforce, and by establishing and supporting Saudi companies as partners within our supply chain, including the provision of workshare under the Government to Government contracts. The transfer of these capabilities has also helped our partner companies to grow, enabling them to expand into non-defence and security areas such as civil aviation, maritime and Network Security sectors. Our technology is also supporting the Kingdom’s critical national infrastructure and services by securing networks and preventing money laundering.
In 2018 the two nations signed a number of agreements to deepen and broaden the cooperation, and enhance the Kingdom’s industrial defence capabilities through continued technology transfer and capability development; training; and building a partnership in research and development on a national and industrial level.

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United Kingdom-Saudi Arabia Joint Communiqué

10 March 2018
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