BAE Systems - Saudi Arabia’s summer training programme benefits 30 students

BAE Systems Saudi Arabia Summer Training Programme
BAE Systems - Saudi Arabia’s summer training programme has seen the graduation of 30 students for the second year running. The programme is administered by the company in collaboration with the Human Resources Development Fund with the aim of training high school and college students.

The programme spanned  a period of two months and covered various courses, such as language skills training (written and spoken), as well as interpersonal and communication skills development.

This initiative comes within the framework of a series of ongoing training programmes provided by BAE Systems, in support of local social development initiatives. The initiative also confirms the company's commitment to its social responsibility towards the communities in which it operates. It is worth knowing that more than 500 students from various universities and colleges join the program annually in order to receive training in various disciplines, obtain an overview of work environment and engage in real-life challenges. The students are spread over various regions in the Kingdom.

Majed Al Muzerie, HR Director for BAE Systems, explained: “The  company is supporting such local activities to ensure we reinvest in our local communities.  This is a key strategic goal for BAE Systems.  We not only benefit our communities by providing employment opportunities but we want to share our knowledge and capabilities to the broader community where ever possible.”. He added: “This company sponsored summer training programme is a small proportion of the Company’s overall commitment towards supporting our local communities. 

Regarding the summer training program, Bader Al Dayel, Government Relations Director said: “The Company has this year increased by 50 per cent the number of places available on this year’s  summer training programme.When the training programme was complete all trainees received official training certificates which we hope will be of assistance as they embark upon their careers.”