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Type 26 Global Combat Ship

Type 26 RPJW
The Global Combat Ship will be a highly capable and versatile multi-mission warship designed to support anti-submarine warfare, air defence and general purpose operations anywhere on the world’s oceans.
With the design and development underpinned by battle proven pedigree of Royal Navy warships, the Global Combat Ship will be capable of undertaking a wide range of roles from high intensity conflict to humanitarian assistance. It will be capable of operating independently or as a key asset within a task group.
All variants will share a common acoustically quiet hull and will take full advantage of modular design and open systems architecture to facilitate through-life support and upgrades as new technology develops. This will ensure the Global Combat Ship remains relevant to future maritime demands and delivers an adaptable design with the ability to accommodate sub-systems to meet individual country needs.


The UK programme to develop the Type 26 Global Combat Ship for the Royal Navy is underway. A joint team of engineers from BAE Systems and UK Ministry of Defence is working to mature the detailed design and support solution for the ship. The Type 26 will replace the UK’s Type 23 frigates, with the first set to enter service in the 2020s and the last remaining in service beyond the middle of the century.


BAE Systems has a proven track-record in licencing warship designs and combat systems to international customers and partners, enabling local build which enhances skills and improves in-service support. 
BAE Systems has committed to working with prospective international partners to learn more about their requirements and ensure these can be met by the Global Combat Ship design. Sufficient commonality will be retained to create opportunities for sharing training, operational experience and shipbuilding skills, each of which offers enormous value in bringing friendly maritime nations together.

Mission capability

Versatility of roles is enabled by the Integrated Mission Bay and Hanger, capable of supporting multiple helicopters, UUVs, boats, mission loads and disaster relief stores. A launcher can be provided for fixed wing UAV operation and the Flight Deck is capable of landing a Chinook helicopter for transport of embarked forces.

Principal Weapons and Sensors (UK Type 26)

  • Artisan 3D radar
  • Sonar 2087
  • Sea Ceptor anti-air missiles
  • Medium calibre gun


  • 2 x electric motors
  • 4 high speed diesel generators
  • Gas turbine direct drive


  • Accommodation, health and recreation services for 208 crew and 157 core complement

Main dimensions

  • Displacement 6,900 tonnes
  • Length 149.9 metres
  • Maximum beam 20.8 metres


  • Top speed 26+ knots
  • Range in excess of 7,000 nautical miles in Electric-Motor (EM) drive

Type 26 Global Combat Ship

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