We continue to promote mental health awareness programmes across the organisation and have worked diligently this year to increase our communications and engagement channels along with introducing training for employees to raise awareness of the importance of mental wellbeing. We have also raised wellbeing and mental health with our middle management, highlighting its importance to the business and providing our managers with guidance on how to support themselves and colleagues.
We promote discussion and awareness on some challenging topics including family loss, stress and depression. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and employee communications programmes highlight these topics and help direct employees to sources of support and assistance.
Through our Employee Assistance Programmes, our employees can access physical and mental health advice and support for themselves and family members. This support is available via phone, website and specialist apps and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. We have also continued to provide a digital platform to empower employees to take a proactive and preventative approach to mental health and wellbeing.
We continue to train Mental Health First Aiders and this year were proud to be accredited as a Menopause Friendly Employer for the first time.
Our Reward & Benefit arrangements available to employees also include Private Medical Insurance, Healthcare Cash Plans, discounts to gyms and other health improvement activities. We have partnered with Cancer Research UK to deliver a range of information and live webinars on cancer, focusing on the risk factors related to our employee demographics and location such as smoking, obesity and alcohol. We have also offered free flu vaccinations to all UK employees.
Our occupational health provision delivers a number of services that contribute to the management of health risks in the workplace. Occupational hygiene and health hazard risk assessments inform health surveillance programmes that are an essential part of our health and safety management system. Services are accredited to the appropriate level, based on the geographic location. Employees access these services through referral systems or as part of a cyclical approach. Reporting back to the business then informs risk management processes.
In support of employee mental health, the Inc. Resilience Hub website created during the pandemic continues to be maintained to offer employees help with managing stress, building time into their days for self-care, locating resources for child care and setting physical, financial, and wellbeing goals as well as working towards them. In addition, the Employee Assistance Programme was enhanced to include more behavioural health resources and access to concierge support for finding and scheduling mental health provider appointments, with new programmes and digital resources added to help employees build resilience and improve their mental outlook.
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