We collaborate with suppliers to deliver customer capability. These relationships are often long-lasting due to the complexity of our products and their long lifecycles, so it is critical that our suppliers share our values.


Approving and on-boarding new suppliers

We use risk-based due diligence for all our suppliers with whom we engage and have a number of other procedures to satisfy ourselves that we only work with suppliers who have standards consistent with our own.

Supplier support and programmes

We value the relationships we have with our suppliers and the vital role they play in helping us to deliver equipment and services to our customers. We offer different kinds of support and programmes to help and collaborate with our suppliers.

Our priorities

We will aim to:
Develop a Sustainable Procurement Charter which sets out our responsible environmental, social and economic procurement principles
Continue to extend coverage of Supplier Principles assurance
Continue to assess our business partners and suppliers on the adoption of our Supplier Principles
As of 2021, BAE Systems received an MSCI ESG Rating of AA. | MSCI Disclaimer