GHG emissions

The environment and climate change
Our aim is to continually improve energy efficiency and the decarbonising of our energy supply to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Once implemented our net zero programme will provide the framework to accelerate reductions.
During 2020, we removed two facilities from our organisational reporting boundary, as we do not have operational control of these facilities. Another business entity includes the emissions from these facilities within their environmental reporting obligations. As a result of these changes, energy and emissions for the Group have reduced and our top ten site listing has been revised.
The majority of our operational greenhouse gas emissions come from the gas and electricity we use across our facilities. Our focus is on making our facilities more efficient and generating electricity from lower-emission sources.
Our top ten largest sites accounted for 54% of our total energy consumption. By these sites setting energy reduction targets, they have the biggest influence in reducing our energy use and, in turn, our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.
The majority of these sites operate environmental management systems certified to ISO1 14001, with an aim to reduce their energy consumption and in turn greenhouse gas emissions. Other sites certified to 14001 will set appropriate objectives and targets to improve environmental performance.
During the financial year, Group-wide greenhouse gas emissions have reduced by 20%. While the implementation of energy efficiency projects has contributed to this decrease, the most significant factor in the Group-wide reduction is the reduction in Scope 2 location-based emissions which is mainly due to the decarbonisation of electricity grids and therefore the reduction in carbon conversion factors. The reduction in Scope 1 emissions is due to the slight reduction in all Scope 1 fuels except heavy fuel oil. Reported Scope 3 emissions have reduced as a result of a decrease in business travel due to COVID-19 and a reduction in long-haul flights.
1. International Organization for Standardization.
2021 GHG emissions chart