Underwater Acoustic Transducer Manufacturing Service

Underwater Acoustic Transducer Manufacturing Service
We offer a total capability in transducer manufacture. Bringing together specialist equipment and advanced production techniques, we are industry recognised for providing outstanding quality at extremely competitive prices.

Known as a centre of excellence in SONAR transducer manufacture, we combine advanced equipment and tooling with innovative processing techniques. We  are able to supply both military and civil markets with a complete capability, covering the design and manufacture of transducers, hydrophones, projectors, transponders and complete arrays to the highest quality standards.

Key benefits of  our manufacturing service include:

  • In-house design and expertise in re-engineering obsolete or legacy products
  • Production batches from 10 to 100,000 units in a fully climate controlled environment
  • Full test and analysis service, including 5m x 7.5m x 5m in-door fresh water test tank
  • Hydrostatic pressure test facilities up to 100 bar