Tornado ATTAC

RAF Tornado Pilots
We provide the Royal Air Force with a guarantee that their Tornado aircraft’s availability, capability and effectiveness will be maintained throughout its service life. This enables the RAF to perform their duties.

What is it?

ATTAC (Availability Transformation: Tornado Aircraft Contract)
Working in partnership with the RAF at RAF Marham

This is a contract with UK Ministry of Defence to maintain and support the RAF fleet of Tornado aircraftuntil their retirement in 2019.

We have a commitment to supporting and maintaining the fleet; with a responsibility of ensuring that enough aircraft are available for the squadrons to fly, making them easily deployable on operations.

We have a 250 strong team that works alongside the customer in order to deliver this service mainly from RAF Marham in Norfolk. To cut out any delays in the decision-making process there are communications links to the supply chain and project management teams at our Warton and Samlesbury sites also.

It is incredibly important that we perform for the RAF for the security of the nation, but it’s also important from a business point of view because around the world we have to deliver on our commitments here in the UK.

David Ward, Head of UK Fleet Operations, Tornado

, Worked on the contract on several occasions since 2005 and is currently back in KSA; he can remember when the first aircraft was brought into the hangar.

The benefits

RAF Tornado Pilots
  • Guaranteed availability of the aircraft - UK Tornado fleet is able to rapidly deploy on operations. Recent deployments include Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Capability upgrades and maintenance - capability upgrades are scheduled around servicing to cut down on lost time and increase aircraft availability.
  • Prompt joint decisions – through working side-by-side with the customer and using camera links to team members at other locations.

Ready for the future

Working in partnership with the RAF at RAF Marham

The Tornado aircraft has been involved in continued operations for almost 25 years, its capabilities have been extensively modified as a weapons platform and it sits strongly up there with the best. As Tornado’s planned out of service date of 2019 approaches, the team continues to develop its capability as it provides support on a day-to-day basis.

We have built up a team in the last eight years and we have grown. Not just grown in terms of numbers but in terms of capability too, as people, as individuals. We have grown personally and professionally through this journey and we’re now much better equipped for the future.

David Ward, Head of UK Fleet Operations, Tornado

Sharing best practice

Working in partnership with the RAF at RAF Marham

The contract delivers significant savings by combining the skills and expertise of our employees and the RAF. RAF officers and BAE Systems personnel stand shoulder to shoulder each day to enable the Tornado fleet at RAF Marham to complete successful operations. It's a partnership that has been so successful it has led to similar contracts most notably on the RAF Typhoon and Hawk fleets.