Defending ground vehicles against guided missiles using infrared countermeasure technology

TERRA RAVEN™ countermeasure system

The TERRA RAVEN™ system uses next generation cueing sensors in layered soft kill countermeasures to protect ground vehicles from guided missile attacks
Our advanced TERRA RAVEN™ countermeasure system uses non-kinetic, infrared countermeasures adapted from aircraft defenses to shield ground vehicles from anti-tank missiles, boosting mission success and survivability.

Threats abound on today's modern battlefield, and situations evolve rapidly. That's why today's combat vehicles must be equipped with active vehicle protection system (VPS) suites that quickly and effectively respond in threatening conditions. Our laser-based TERRA RAVEN™ countermeasure system defeats incoming threat signals to protect ground vehicles from inbound missile attacks.

Multi-layered innovation

A component of our vehicle protection system suite, the TERRA RAVEN™ countermeasure system is part of a layered defense and response approach that can be easily integrated into current and next-generation combat vehicles. By providing effective laser-based countermeasures, it allows kinetic countermeasure systems to conserve ammunition for battle and lessens collateral damage.

Coupled with BAE Systems' 360 MVP Sensor situational awareness suite, this infrared countermeasures system detects, tracks, and engages incoming threats to armored ground vehicles. Its design is customizable for any platform, mission, or budget. Building on our long history of countermeasure experience, the TERRA RAVEN™ countermeasure system is designed to be modular, lightweight, and easily integrated with other systems, including kinetic countermeasures.

TERRA RAVEN™ countermeasure system key features & benefits:

  • Designed with a margin for expected growth, to meet future customer needs
  • Lightweight and modular design makes integration easy
  • Electronic countermeasures allow for an infinite magazine to defeat threats, increasing mission flexibility and affordability
  • Slew-to-cue capable – detecting, tracking, and defeating incoming threats
  • Tailorable capabilities based on platform, mission, and budget provide flexibility

Proven success

BAE Systems has a proven, 40-year history of providing the U.S. defense community with equipment that enhances survivability and mission success, building on a legacy of advancing threat detection and countermeasure solutions.

In 2018, the TERRA RAVEN™ countermeasure system was selected for the next phase of testing during the U.S. Army's Soft Kill Rodeo – a six-week competition to assess how different non-kinetic countermeasures perform when tasked with redirecting anti-tank guided missiles. The Army tested this system in September 2019, installing it on an M2 Bradley alongside a kinetic countermeasure system for a layered demonstration.

Learn more today. Download the TERRA RAVEN™ countermeasure datasheet, or contact our Electronic Systems representative to arrange a meeting.

Integrated Vehicle Protection System - Detect - track - defeat

Integrated Vehicle Protection System - Detect - track - defeat