Tactical Command and Control

Tactical Command and Control (TC2)
BAE Systems’ Tactical Command and Control improves the ability to share operational information and enhance the composite picture between fixed and deployed Head Quarters, deployed vehicles and dismounted forces.

Being able to monitor operations in real-time and react and plan at the appropriate level and tempo is critical for operational success. Tactical Command and Control (TC2) enables own force tracking of both vehicles and individual dismounted soldiers throughout the command chain. In doing this, TC2 ensures that critical information can be passed between Command HQ and deployed and dismounted forces to improve operational agility, tempo and overall mission success. 

TC2 will:

•    Provide the whole operational picture on foot, in vehicle, and at base
•    Continually contribute to tactical & strategic diagnostic information providing dramatically enhanced situational awareness.
•    Enable own force tracking and allow forces to communicate actionable intelligence up and down the chain of command.