T-650 Heavy Lift Electric UAS Concept Vehicle

T-650 Electric UAS Concept
CGI image of T-650 airbourne
BAE Systems and Malloy Aeronautics have announced plans to explore the development of an all-electric ‘heavy lift’ uncrewed air system (UAS) as a potential new solution to deliver cost-effective, sustainable rapid response capability to military, security and civilian customers.
The companies are working together to explore opportunities to collaborate on capability, design, manufacture and marketing of a concept vehicle.
  • Maximum payload: 300kg
  • Range without payload: 80km
  • Range with max. payload: 30km
  • Maximum speed: 140kmh
The most significant feature of the T-650 concept is its class-leading payload (300kg) which will open up opportunities for new and disruptive mission types.
This type of vehicle allows rapid reconfiguration from one distinct mission type to the next. It aims to provide the versatility and utility required by our customers to discharge multiple roles in a cost-effective and sustainable way, giving an alternative to traditional delivery systems.
It is envisaged that the T-650 will have an open system architecture, enabling integration of third party systems and an upgrade path for new mission and payload capabilities.
There are a number of potential applications for a T-650 class of product.  These range from Logistics activity such as ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore movement, to potential carriage of weapons and sensors to support military operations on land and at sea. Once proven, the Electric Air vehicle could expand into wider application, such as casualty evacuation on the battlefield. A number of civilian / commercial use cases have also been identified, including humanitarian and logistics support; however, our initial focus remains across the military application such as:
  • Automated logistics and resupply in both land and maritime applications.
  • CASEVAC (casualty evacuation).
  • Anti-Submarine warfare through carriage of Sting Ray (advanced lightweight torpedo).
  • Maritime Mine Countermeasures through carriage of Archerfish (expendable mine neutraliser).
  • Maritime Search and Rescue.
  • Surveillance and Monitoring.
  • Close Air Support.