Image of Typhoon and Taranis
Sceptre is an Advanced Mission Planning System offering a state of the art combined Mission Planning & Debriefing system as a critical aid to improved command and control, influence and success in the battlefield arena.
Sceptre is the portal to the huge amounts of information contained within the Operational Mission Support Environment, allowing pilots and planners to work rapidly and accurately armed with a mission planning and support tool which is capable of managing complex operations while presenting information in a simple manner that is easy to manipulate, so that operators can gain clarity in this increasingly data rich world.
No longer does the operator have to decipher multiple pages of an ATO prior to commencing planning. Sceptre has built in ATO and ACO import functionality compatible with ADAT P3 formats. Prior to detailed planning the user is able to see the relevant ATO played out in rehearsal mode with the appropriate ACO routing for all aircraft types taking part in the mission.

Sceptre allows aircrew and mission support specialists for fast jet operations to accurately plan, brief, rehearse and debrief missions varying from simple training to complex large formation combat sorties.
Sceptre helps the operator create a tactically astute plan, holistically reviewed, catering for conflicts and contingencies. With Sceptre the operator will be airborne with high situational awareness and able to make better, more informed, decisions to achieve mission success. Sceptre has an advanced mission rehearsal mode allowing the operator to rehearse all aspects of the mission using multiple 2D and 3D view formats of Sceptre’s virtual environment engine. This covers:
  • 3D representation of ACO, DAFIF and NOTAM information.
  • Large scale 2D horizontal view showing the whole route for all formation members.
  • Zoomed in 2D format of a target area with Weapon Launch Acceptable Region.
  • 3D Stealth view from a known strategic SAM location looking at a formation aircraft.
  • 3D in-cockpit representation with planned HUD information
  • LDP display emulation view of the target area 

Image of Sceptre optimised route selection icons

Optimised route selection for precision engagement and dominant manoeuvre

Missions are planned using the very latest 3D visualisation tools taking into account terrain, airspace, weather, platform performance capability and aircraft configuration. Sceptre allows users to calculate fuel requirements, assess the routing following accurate real-time threat analysis, exploit terrain and weather advantages and optimise target attack planning for complex air-to-surface weapon employment with or without target constraints.
Sceptre gives the operator a capability to handle everything from detailed multi-platform tasks with complex mission constraints, through to short notice Combined Air Operations missions. Sceptre also saves time by optimising data processing and delivers pre-formatted mission briefing material in both electronic and paper form.

Sceptre provides key functionality for mission debriefing of merging the real world and synthetic views exploiting all aircraft recording media into an integrated replay format. Mission success is assessed using the built in debrief tools for aircraft data import together with the same tools used for mission planning and rehearsal. Missions can be reviewed in detail using recorded cockpit displays & audio, mission timeline with key event bookmarks, 2D and/or 3D flight recreation, stealth views and, if required, synchronisation with the original plan.