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Charlotte Eccles
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UK Combat Air Sector

£6 billion

Annual turnover


Highly skilled jobs


UK supply chain companies

National Value

The UK Combat Air Strategy recognises the contribution industry plays in helping the UK to remain at the forefront in this critical sector; continuing to deliver economic, industrial capability and skills benefits, as well as supporting international partnering and delivering value through exports.
BAE Systems sustains high quality engineering and manufacturing jobs in clusters around the UK, both in the defence aerospace sector and adjacent sectors.  It delivers advanced skills in the industrial base that have proven wider application and benefit in other sectors. 
  • Across the Team Tempest partners there are 2,800 employed on the Tempest programme.
  • More than 1,000 apprentices and graduates have been recruited across the Team Tempest partners in just two years.
  • Continued collaboration with key universities and direct investment in training capabilities
  • The four core partners have already engaged with more than 600 suppliers, SMEs and academic institutions across the UK as part of that mission

Tempest is a once in a generation opportunity for the next generation of highly skilled engineering, technologies and thinkers to make their mark on history.


Team Tempest fact sheet

Tempest is the only solution that can create maximum benefit to the UK and its partners.


Contribution to the North

The Combat Air Sector has a footprint that reaches many areas of the UK including the north of England and Scotland; driving prosperity across our country, directly supporting 46,000 jobs.
*The PWC report ‘Assessment of the expected economic impact of the Tempest Programme (2021-2050), May 2021’ was prepared for BAE Systems (Operations) Limited and solely for the purpose and on the terms agreed with BAE Systems (Operations) Limited. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP accepts no liability (including for negligence) to anyone else in connection with the report.
With 12 sites across the region, we employ 21,000 people - more than half our UK workforce. 
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Tempest is leveraging and developing the very best technology in existence, working in partnership with academia and high-tech SMEs across the UK.
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PwC Economic Findings

You can see our summary report and download the document below.

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Here at BAE Systems, we are on the hunt for the brightest and boldest minds to help us deliver technologies and ideas that will secure the future of combat air for years to come.