Precision Tracking Radar

Precision Tracking Radar
We offer a state-of-the-art Precision Tracking Radar System for Time Space and Position Information (TSPI) data collection using skin or beacon tracking.
The Range Instrumentation Radar RIR-980 is a computer based auto-tracking radar, available in C and X-band frequencies and in mobile, transportable or fixed installation configurations. The RIR-980 basic design can be customized and tailored to meet specific requirements.
  • Operator friendly console and user interfaces
  • Graphic system
  • Radar Signal Processor (RSP)
  • Solid-state transmitter modulator
  • Track optics
  • Acquisition optics
  • Capable of carrying additional optical or RF sensors (IR, EW)
  • Remote control capability
  • Pedestal transporter / mobility design
  • Shipboard motion compensation option
  • Short range or long range configurations

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