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Precision Guidance Kit – 
Anti-Jam (PGK-AJ)

Soldiers fire an M777A2 Howitzer in Iraq in December, 2016
Mature solution transforms conventional artillery shells into precision munitions with GPS anti-jam guidance capabilities.

Emerging needs

Adversaries’ emerging jamming capabilities are threatening the effectiveness of the U.S. Army’s existing artillery precision guidance kits. BAE Systems’ Precision Guidance Kit – Anti-Jam (PGK-AJ) technology will meet current and future anti-jam requirements, and advance on previously successful capabilities developed to improve the reliability of precision-strike functions in GPS-jammed environments. This kit will be compatible with existing inventories of artillery shells and multiple firing platforms, including:
  • M795 and M549A1 standard projectiles
  • M109A7 self-propelled Howitzers 
  • M777A2 lightweight towed Howitzers (manufactured by BAE Systems)
  • Miscellaneous developmental rounds and firing platforms
Soldiers fire an M777 Howitzer during the Two Gun Raid in September, 2017

Technology evolution

The PGK-AJ builds on mature technology to improve the accuracy of 155mm projectiles. It will increase maneuverability and incorporate anti-jam capability – requirements for today’s evolving battle space.

Innovative guidance

The kit combines enhanced Global Positions System (GPS)-based navigation with an innovative, roll-stabilized guidance unit and antenna array. This integrated technology, paired with a proven, variable deflection canard control method, allows for advanced in-flight correction capabilities. 

The PGK-AJ technology is designed to help warfighters complete every mission accurately:
  • Precision at longer distances keeps soldiers away from threats
  • Improved GPS anti-jam performance 

Reduced dispersion

Our kit dramatically reduces the dispersion associated with 155mm unguided artillery rounds, achieving precision target engagement. Projectiles fitted with PGK-AJ provide artillery teams on the battlefield with accurate fire support capabilities that friendly forces can rely on in urban areas.
  • Improved accuracy against modern threats
  • Reduced Circular Error of Probability (CEP)
  • Decreased collateral damage

Low cost

PGK-AJ requires less ammunition than conventional artillery to complete the mission, saving on costs, and increasing effectiveness.