Modernisation services

British Army Bulldog
Our unique global presence means we have the people, skills and resources to deliver whatever our customer needs whenever they need it across the world.

We recognise that you need your assets to be capable of exceptional levels of performance throughout their lives. Whether you need to meet an urgent operational requirement, or are planning a comprehensive capability improvement programme, our track record as one of the world’s leading defence and security companies means we have the proven skills and expertise to give you the edge.

LAND Modernisation
Under a vital upgrade programme, British Army FV430 armoured personnel carriers received a new engine and drivetrain to bring them up to ‘Bulldog’ specification. The upgrade extends the useful service life of the platform by 20 years, greatly increases performance and reliability and significantly reduces support costs. Vehicles destined for Iraq also received a Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) package of armour, a remotely-operated weapon system and other improvements which provide enhanced personnel protection. BAE Systems engineers based in Basra, Iraq implemented the upgrade and provided ongoing support, both of which went smoothly. This approach was awarded a 2008 Aviation Week & Space Technology Program Excellence Award and 2007 UK Minister of Defence ‘Smart Procurement’ Award and it is helping to deliver sustained through life savings to the customer.

MARITIME Modernisation
Our dry dock and ship repair services in Australia, the Middle East, UK and US have a proven track record of delivering support solutions for naval forces around the world, whether from their home port or at our purpose-built facilities. We offer a full spectrum from transactional to fully managed services, giving our customers complete flexibility.

In the UK, our partnering approach enables us to work side-by-side with the Royal Navy to provide engineering and dockyard management. The result is improved service, faster turnaround and £116m savings between 2002 and 2010.