Missile seeker technology

Person working on missile seeker in lab
BAE Systems is well positioned to provide the next-generation of missile seeker defense capabilities.

For more than 35 years, the BAE Systems facility in Nashua, New Hampshire has provided high-performance missile seeker technology for ballistic missile defense. As threats evolve, we continue to advance our technology, leveraging our proven history and incorporating new applications. Our precision-guided missile defense systems allow for reasonable and direct response to an apparent attack.



The team is compiled of highly-skilled and experienced technologists who innovate new solutions to meet our customers' unique needs. From the first non-nuclear hit-to-kill intercept of a ballistic reentry vehicle to the development and support of a key missile seeker program, the team continues to prove themselves as advanced seeker developers. Our world-class capabilities span the life-cycle of missile defense programs and consist of:

  • Requirements definition, analysis, integration, and planning
  • Weapons lethality and effects estimation
  • Seeker development, prototyping, and high-volume manufacturing
  • User integration, deployment, and support after sale

World-Class Facility


A ballistic missile's altitude, speed, and range leave little room for error on the part of the seeker, requiring accurate design, testing, and evaluation. The state-of-the-art facility produces and tests ballistic missile seekers in a classified clean-room environment. Our 14,000 square foot, high-rate production facility in Nashua, New Hampshire, along with our skilled technologists and lean manufacturing drive process efficiency and quality control. The facility includes engineering and evaluation labs with testing capabilities for:

  • Electronics assemblies and circuit cards
  • Optical wavefront and boresight
  • Pointing and gimbal balance
  • Sensor radiometric and point source performance
  • Thermal and vibration environmental stress screening

BAE Systems' next-generation missile seeker technology serves a vital role in the defense world, offering protection from potential threats.