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Microwave and Microelectronic Service

Microwave and Microelectronic Service
The microwave manufacturing facility provides 30 years of expertise in producing highly demanding complex microwave modules for avionics defence systems, missile seekers, decoy systems and phased array radar systems.

Our manufacturing team provide microwave technology (up to 94GHz) from rapid prototyping through to high volume production. We work closely with our customers to provide partnerships in the design stages providing a design for manufacture capability to ensure a smooth transition into production.

Key Performance Features:

  • Machining of Thin-film materials (Aluminium Oxide, Aluminium Nitride, Sapphire, Quartz) and copper clad materials (RT duroid and FR4)
  • Processes range from surface grinding and lapping through to CNC 3D machining and world class laser machining facility
  • Substrate metallisation using sputter deposition of; Nichrome, Gold, Copper, TiW, TaN, in addition to Copper, Nickel and
  • Gold deposited by electroplating
  • Manual/automatic microwave/microelectronic assembly and fine wire bonding, laser welding of hermetic connectors
  • Microwave test facility using automated test sites with manual diagnostics, full ESS for products ranging 500MHz to 100GHz
  • Design guidance and DfM/DfT support available