Microwave and micro-electronics

Microwave and micro-electronics

We are one of a very select group of companies in the UK providing substrate manufacture, microwave assembly, hermetic module build and RF test within one facility. Our microwave and micro-electronics operation provides extensive expertise in producing highly complex microwave modules for a broad range of applications.

Our technologies range from rapid prototyping through to high volume production. Working closely with our customers from initial conception, we aim to ensure a smooth transition into production, and we offer through-life support, anywhere in the world.
Customers benefit from our expertise in thin film substrate manufacture, microwave and micro-electronic assembly, manual and automatic assembly and fine wire bonding, sub assembly through to sub-system integration, laser welding of hermetic connectors and modules, and a microwave test facility.
We offer capabilities which include thin-film machining, surface grinding of alumina and other materials, precision lapping of materials including alumina and aluminium nitride, thin-film substrate processing and metallisation.
Our CO2 laser cutting facility for profiling and drilling of alumina, aluminium nitride, RT duroid, kovar, ablefilm, titanium, steel and metal matrix materials, together with a YAG laser cutting and marking facility and YAG laser welding allows us to offer you full solutions to your needs in this field.
Customers also benefit from our high volume automated assembly facility, MRSI 505 automatic pick and place, automatic bonding, comprehensive test and diagnostic facilities and expert engineering support.

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