Logistics Decision Support

Logistics Decision Support
Drawing on over 10 years’ experience providing logistics capability to British and International forces, our Logistics Decision Support (LDS) suite delivers improvements in automation, communications, and business practices.

We help forces proactively plan and respond to the rapidly changing military environment by giving them the complete logistics picture.

No campaign is possible without the ability to deploy, sustain at the correct tempo and recover as the Government orders. It is no surprise that three of the UK’s Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ) logistics roles are: deploy, sustain and recover. Our comprehensive LDS suite supports the logistician in planning, monitoring and reporting these roles.

This in turn provides increased predictability and visibility throughout logistics operations.

LDS helps logistics staff to plan with insight and confidence and deliver increased actionable intelligence to Operational Commanders. The modular suite contains integrated applications to cover task force, sustainment and movement planning, asset and personnel availability, supplies monitoring and logistics reporting.

LDS will:
•    Fuse your information into a single network of shared logistical awareness and unified action.
•    Integrate information from supplier to soldier providing logistics staff with all of the information they need to determine optimum logistics solutions.
•    Provide visibility of the complete logistics picture and enable forces to proactively plan and respond to the dynamic military environment.