Jaguar - proven success, still in operation around the world today
The Jaguar is a single-seat, twin-engine ground attack aircraft. The aircraft was developed jointly by the UK and France during the 1960's.

A collaboration with the French, the Jaguar was an international success story.

A ground attack aircraft, it was originally conceived in the 1960s as a jet trainer. However, the requirement for the aircraft soon changed to include supersonic performance, reconnaissance and tactical nuclear strike roles.

Over time the Jaguar was successfully exported to India, Oman, Ecuador and Nigeria.

The aircraft was used in numerous conflicts and military operations, including Mauritania, Chad, Iraq, Bosnia, and Pakistan, as well as providing a ready nuclear delivery platform for Britain, France, and India throughout the latter half of the Cold War and beyond.

The aircraft was retired by the Royal Air Force in 2007 but is still in operational use in Oman and India.