INTeACT Software Development Kit

INTeACT Software Development Kit
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Working towards an open future in defence
We are delighted to announce that the INTeACT SDK Release 2 is now available. This significant update extends the SDK by including the Data Distribution Standard (DDS) as a message transport mechanism. In addition the SDK interfaces can now also be directly accessed using Java. Rest assured that SDK Release 2 continues to provide support for both GraphQLand Python. If you are an existing SDK user then Release 2 is now available to download from the website.

SDK Codeathon 2022

If you have a good idea that utilises the SDK, and would like to join us at the Codeathon on 11th-13th May 2022, then please register your interest by e-mailing us at
The INTeACT SDK delivers an open approach that meets the needs of the Royal Navy’s vision for future Combat Systems.
It implements an open systems architecture to ensure that state-of-the-art technologies can be adopted quickly to enhance overall ship capability and provide unrivaled information superiority.
Click to view larger version of the INTeACT SDK Infographic

Click to view larger version of the INTeACT SDK Infographic


The SDK provides tools to allow software engineers to develop applications that can readily integrate with an open combat management systems such as INTeACT.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK consists of a collection of open interfaces and components supported by tutorials and API  documentation and provides a toolset that includes software libraries, developer documentation, code samples, processes and guides to help develop and integrate new apps.
Initially aimed at applications dealing with tactical picture visualisation, track correlation and track identity recommendations, The open standards implemented by the SDK are as defined by the Object Management Group (OMG) and include OARIS (Open Architecture Radar Interface Standard), TACSIT (Tactical Situation Specification/TACSIT Data Exchange (TEX)) and ALMAS (Alert Management Service).

Licensing Model

Access to the SDK is facilitated by the use of an innovative, free to use, open defence licencing model. Third parties wishing to exploit the opportunities offered  by the INTeACT SDK are required to sign-up to this licencing model before receiving the SDK.

Get in Touch

If you would like to ask any questions about the INTeACT SDK or discuss how it might be useful to you and your business then please get in touch at


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