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Underwater Weapons innovation

Our track record of innovation, investment and expertise in guided, underwater weapon design and manufacturing means we are trusted by our customers around the world to deliver new weapons, upgrades and support.

BAE Systems delivers assured capability advanced underwater weapons systems that bridge the lethality gap and provide navies with a decisive advantage in the underwater battlespace.
Working with the UK Ministry of Defence and across industry, we are a leading part of the critical national capability to design and develop weapons that assure the credibility of submarine operations and protect our forces from increasingly sophisticated underwater threats.
With significant, continuous and on-going investment in the development of innovative undersea technologies and skills spanning sonar, energetics, systems, software & simulation and mechanical disciplines, we push the boundaries of defence capability. Together we help our Armed Forces operate effectively in rapidly evolving complex environments, reinforcing our position as leaders in underwater weapons.
We understand the complexities of the underwater battlespace, and some of our most experienced specialists, together with bright young apprentices and graduates, are focusing on future anti-submarine warfare and the development of innovative new underwater weapon technologies to counter evolving threats.
As a result, our novel munitions concept, the Kingfisher® modular carrier system, will be capable of delivering depth charges, sonar and other countermeasures from a naval gun on board a warship to provide a persistent, rapid and cost-effective response as part of anti-access and area denial operations in the underwater battlespace.
Also in development, our Future Lightweight Torpedo will offer advanced capabilities for anti-submarine and anti-underwater unmanned vehicle warfare, as well as enhanced counter-countermeasure tactics, using common torpedo hardware architectures and software modules to reduce acquisition and through-life costs.
As the UK’s largest concentration of specialist underwater weapons design and development engineers, we offer a unique infrastructure, with the expertise, tools and facilities to design and develop underwater weapons in a safe and secure environment.
Our rich underwater weapons heritage and vast experience, together with our constantly developing technology and expertise, enable us to provide a world-class service. We provide and maintain cutting edge underwater capability, value for money solutions that have been proven time and again in extreme environments and harsh operational conditions.
BAE Systems provides the critical national capability to design and develop underwater battle-winning weapons, enabling our customers to stay ahead.


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