Innovative Multiple - Object Tracking Radar (iMOTR)

Military test and evaluation ranges can use BAE Systems’ new iMOTR™ to provide a higher degree of accuracy in tracking time, space, and position information for objects in flight.
iMOTR provides highly accurate real-time tracking of multiple airborne objects with improved surface clutter rejection for low flying objects, sea skimming weapons, and surface craft.
As a worldwide leader in test range solutions for more than 40 years, we have advanced the multiple-object tracking radar concept with an innovative application to meet today’s test range needs. The iMOTR features enhanced clutter suppression capabilities to deliver clearer, more accurate assessments of object launch trajectory and flight path data on airborne and low flying objects. This tracking information can then be handed-off to other radars or data collection sensors in real-time. The system is also better equipped to provide precision time, space, and position information (TSPI) data of multiple objects in flight over a wider field of regard than the current test range radars in service.

Why iMOTR?

Our iMOTR solution is inexpensive compared to the legacy multiple-object tracking radar systems currently in use on the test ranges, yet it delivers the enhanced radar performance capabilities necessary to meet today’s test range requirements and will also reduce test range operation and sustainment costs.

In order to provide compatibility and ready integration with existing test range infrastructure, the iMOTR is designed to operate in C-Band (NATO G-band) or X-Band (NATO I-band). This continues a long line of precision products from BAE Systems and allows operation with RCC-262-14 transponders as well as the performance advantages of C-Band. It includes coherent processing to derive velocity based measurement as well as multiple-object tracking algorithms to provide real-time TSPI on all tracked objects.

The array is electronically steered with a nominal field of regard of +/- 30 degrees off boresight in Azimuth and Elevation.

The iMOTR is mounted on a commercial trailer with hydraulic jacks to lay it down for stowed transport or lift it for deployment for enhanced mobility. It is designed to be weather-proof and to resist shock, dust, sand, humidity, and rain to improve performance, reliability, and sustainability.

iMOTR key performance parameters:

• >100 km tracking range
• >20 targets in real time
• +/- 30 degree field of regard
• 1σ tracking accuracy (-17.4 dBsm target) of 300 μRad
• 1σ range accuracy of 1 m
• Acquisition within 0.5 seconds of detection for a nonfluctuating radar cross section of -15 dBsm
• 99% probability of track initiation
• 10e-5 probability of false track initiation
• Compatible with RCC 262-14 transponders

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