Excalibur - Tell the round where to go – and it goes there

Excalibur is an advanced precision guided 155mm artillery shell.

The key feature is that regardless of the distance from the gun and the target, the round has the same accuracy, with 'Circular Error Probability' less than 10 meters.

The round’s rear end is equipped with a base bleed aggregate and rotating stabilization wings and the front end has four canards. Wings and canards give the round an aircraft like maneuverability.

From a modern L52 calibre  gun system Excalibur has a range of approximately 50km. The Lethal mechanism consists of a unitary warhead and the system can be programmed for air burst, point and delay (penetration) detonation.

Once Excalibur has been given its start position (i.e. coordinates) and the target position it is fired just like a normal shell.

The glide flight to target starts after reaching the apogee. The shell is corrected in flight towards the pre-programmed trajectory by the 'Global Positioning System' - and Inertial 'Navigation System' - supported navigation and guidance system as long as it has the kinetic energy to fly.