Design and development

Design and development

We take ideas from concept and prototyping through to high quality production manufacture. Our dedicated Concurrent Development Facility enables us to support product aspirations within challenging time and cost constraints.

By providing one small, integrated and flexible team, we drive fast-track development from original customer sketches through to the final product, complete with fully documented traceability and configuration control.
Through the application of a suite of state-of-the-art engineering tools, including 3D printing, we can quickly turn a concept into a virtual model.

Calling on specialist resources for electronic systems manufacture and integration we also provide a comprehensive range of test facilities.
Design processes are individually tailored to customer requirements allowing rapid development to take place, at the same time as ensuring solutions are safe and compliant with required standards
In line with customer requirements, our manufacturing processes allow us to build as soon as a part is drawn and configured. Assembly is managed as parts become available.
Our offering includes a wide range of specialist test facilities, including shock and vibration, and ingress protection. With a team of engineers highly skilled in trialling equipment and analysing even the most complex data, we offer full support to your  needs.
In support of this we have extensive experience of installing products in some of the most challenging environments on land, at sea or in the air.
The future supportability of the product being developed is assured thanks to the post delivery options which are offered, helping to ensure future availability requirements are met.

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