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The Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked), or CVR(T), is a family of light tracked vehicles with over 40 years of evolution and unprecedented levels of modernisation offering scalable capability to meet the threat level.

Since first deliveries of the vehicle in 1972, 3,500 vehicles have been sold to 23 nations.

The strength of the CVR(T) is its terrain accessibility. Its heritage and pedigree have proven its unique adaptability and it offers exceptional protection, firepower and mobility.

There are five variants currently in service with the British Army:


A light reconnaissance tank armed with a 30mm RARDEN cannon


An Armoured Personnel Carrier capable of carrying 4 passengers


An Armoured Recovery Vehicle with a rear winch


A command and control vehicle with a higher roof for more comfortable office space


An armoured ambulance

Scorpion (export only)

Both 76mm and 90mm main armament, remains in-service with overseas customers