INTeACT Combat Management System

INTeACT Combat Management System
Image of Maritime Combat Systems INTeACT video still
Our INTeACT Combat Management Systems provide mission-critical capabilities and a vital advantage in combat.
INTeACT provides warship crews with all the information they need to track, analyse and respond to threats in combat, as well as the ability to co-ordinate resources in other operations such as intelligence gathering and humanitarian assistance, both independently or as part of multinational coalitions. Incorporating weapon control systems and a Datalink capability, INTeACT supports planning, tactical picture compilation, decision-making and weapon control.
Using an open system architecture, INTeACT is highly adaptable and can quickly integrate third party applications to enhance ship capabilities. Fully scalable to any platform type for use in all types of roles and operations, INTeACT builds on its predecessor systems that were originally developed for the UK Royal Navy and are in use on its Type 23 frigates, Landing Platform Docks, Offshore Patrol Vessels, Type 45 destroyers and the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers


Our INTeACT Combat Management System is suitable for all warships from patrol vessels to aircraft carriers. The level of functionality is scalable according to the demands of the individual platform. A wide range of planning tools includes:
  • Full situation awareness
  • Tactical picture compilation
  • Threat evaluation and weapon assignment (TEWA)
  • Navigation and blind pilotage
  • Weapon direction and control, removing the need for separate sensor and weapon control positions in the operations room
  • Asset management and aircraft control functions for Link 16 capable vessels
  • Encyclopaedic database support
  • Support for web-based browser facilities for non-realtime data from third party subsystems
  • Comprehensive built-in, on-board training facilities

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