Check-6™ rear-vision system

Providing high-quality situational awareness to ground forces in tough environments
The Check-6™ rear-vision system is a camera system for ground vehicles that provides high-quality situational awareness to ground forces. The plug and play system utilizes a qualified, uncooled, infrared camera core that is embedded into US DoD taillights.

Easily integrated

With a universal fit for all U.S. ground vehicles, Check-6 does not require a custom mount or armor holes. This innovative solution provides a streamlined path for vehicle installation that can be accomplished as a field-upgrade kit, allowing for minimal vehicle downtime.

A second set of eyes for rear visibility

The large FOV and quality image delivers much-needed battlefield situational awareness during all weather, in both day and night operations. The single camera Field of View is 42 degrees vertical and 54 degrees horizontal, with 5m to infinity fixed focus.

Technology refresh

With a proven legacy, Check-6 is currently supporting over 40,000 armored combat and tactical wheeled vehicles across the Joint Armed Forces. Recent technology upgrades protect against obsolescence and ensure product lifecycle and support for years to come. Capable of providing over 20,000 hours of uninterrupted operating time, this qualified upgrade is a cost-effective game changer.