Caiman MRAP Vehicles

Based on the ultra-reliable Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) platform and the combat-proven Low Signature Armored Cab (LSAC), the Caiman incorporates their strengths in a survivable protected vehicle designed to defeat current and emerging threats on today’s battlefield.

Caiman Multi-Terrain Vehicle (CMTV)

An upgrade to the Caiman MRAP, the CMTV provides greater levels of survivability and mobility to navigate challenging and unpredictable environments.  Caiman MTV integrates new technology to ensure the large and armor-protected  interior  is optimal for a variety of missions including 10-man troop transport, , a four litter ambulatory system with attendant and C2OTM (command and control on the move).

The CMTV provides an effective combination of interior capacity, tactical mobility, operator comfort and survivability. The armored capsule from the existing Caiman has been improved and includes an upgraded HVAC temperature control system to protect soldiers and critical computer equipment from hot and cold extremes.   Greater survivability is achieved through an enhanced monolithic floor, a strengthened chassis frame and highly effective blast absorbing seats. The CMTV’s mobility has also been enhanced with the incorporation of a greater vehicle track width, a strong independent suspension and an upgraded powertrain.

A high level of parts commonality with the FMTV ensures that the Caiman will maintain the same heightened levels of readiness, mobility, serviceability and worldwide support as the 56,000 plus FMTVs already fielded. All in all the Caiman MTV delivers a high level of performance in varying terrain by balancing commonality parts with optimum stability, agility and payload.