CAGE Mission Planner
CAGE is a mission planning and mission support product for aircraft and land vehicles that allows users to accurately plan, brief, rehearse, execute and debrief missions from single sortie through to full force operations.

Rather than planning in isolation, mission support staff are now able to make full use of the very latest situational awareness and planning support information. CAGE helps the war fighter be more reactive and able to make more informed decisions to achieve mission success.

CAGE lets planners define the most tactically astute plan. Planners work rapidly and accurately armed with CAGE, a mission planning and support tool which is capable of managing complex operations, and presenting huge amounts of information in a simple manner, so that war fighters can gain clarity in a data rich world.

Missions are mapped out using the very latest 3D visualisation tools and plans take into account terrain, weather, platform performance capability and configuration. Updates are sent through in real time to the vehicle or aircraft. It allows users to calculate fuel requirements, and assess the route based on known enemy threat locations and types. So CAGE can tell you when a driver or pilot needs to refuel/rearm, where they can to do it and what they might need to avoid on the way because it knows who and what else is in the vicinity.

Handling everything from detailed multi-platform tasks with complex mission constraints, through to short and no-notice Combined Air Operations, CAGE also saves time by optimising processes, vehicle and aircraft performance and removing manual form filling.

When used for planning aircraft missions, weapon and/or cargo delivery can be plotted and, conflicts with the flight routes of aircraft can be avoided. The pilot can be confident they will be in the optimum place for weapon delivery, when they are in range of the enemy, that they can exploit any terrain advantage and can maintain communication with friendly forces. Mission success is assessed by the built in debrief tools, which also provide enormous benefits to training sorties. Missions can be reviewed in detail, using (when available) cockpit video, 3D flight recreation and Electronic Warfare (EW) debrief. With CAGE every aircraft equipped with defensive aids is turned into an intelligence-gathering asset without changing the airframe or its role.

Plan for mission success, plan with CAGE.