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Body Armor

Hard and soft body armor solutions have been a mainframe of our core business for 20 years.

Hard Armor

Our Hard Armor ballistic inserts provide enhanced levels of protection and are designed to stop threats that soft armor cannot accomplish alone. Our hard armor, such as Small Arms Protective Inserts (SAPI), ESAPI and Side Armor Inserts (XSBI) is designed to withstand multiple hits and provide fragmentation protection. The ballistic inserts vary in weight, performance and cost depending on the specific needs of the customer and mission. All our hard armor inserts are fully qualified by the U.S. Government through rigorous physical, environmental and ballistic testing. Our ballistic experts are continually developing and enhancing SAPI and its derivatives to provide better performance and protection while decreasing weight. Since 1998, BAE Systems has produced and delivered over 1.25 million hard armor inserts and continues to be at the forefront of hard armor protection.

Soft Armor

Designed to fit inside tactical vests, our soft armor solutions provide ballistic and fragmentation protection for the torso and through attachable components, can provide extended protection to the throat, neck, groin, lower back and sides. Used together with our hard armor inserts, BAE Systems' ballistic packages provide an effective combination to minimize injury.