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Hard Body Armor

Hard Body Armor
Hard body armor solutions have been a mainframe of our core business for 20 years.
Since 1998, BAE Systems has produced more than 1.2 million hard body armor inserts for the U.S. Government in more than 15 variations and threat levels and over 100,000 hard armor plates internationally. BAE Systems’ hard body armor designs provide up to NIJ Level IV equivalent ballistic protection for commercial use and even greater customized protection for the U.S. Military.

BAE Systems’ hard armor plates are tested and manufactured to provide military units and special forces with reliable protection in threatening environments. The hard armor inserts are constructed using military-grade ceramics and other innovative proprietary materials. Built for mobility, the multi-curve shape of the front and back plate deliver maximum comfort without encumbering movement in combat scenarios. BAE Systems has the design and development capabilities to provide plates to meet customers’ unique needs regarding protection level, weight, shape and thickness.