Automated Gate Security System

Ft Belvoir Lane
The BAE Systems Automated Gate Security System is the proven solution for today’s facility security needs. The U.S. Army is implementing the system as part of the Automated Installation Entry (AIE) program.


In 2009, BAE Systems embarked on developing a unique security system for the U.S. Army that would transform installation entry operations as we know them. The Army wanted a system that would enhance security measures and increase vehicle throughput. In partnership with the Army, BAE Systems developed a dynamic system that creates a better end-user experience and reduces the number of personnel required at access control points (ACP).

AIE has met the demands of the Army and proven itself as a solution fit for any customer who requires an advanced installation security solution. Today, our team is installing AIE at more than 14 military installations. That's 171 lanes, covering 73 access control points across the United States!

AIE is a customizable, commercial off-the-shelf based hardware and software solution, expertly integrated by BAE Systems, authenticating users through analysis of biographic and biometric data.

Designed for the Army, AIE was specifically configured so that visitors are authenticated by several methods of identification when they approach ACPs. Prior to using the system, users are required to pre-register at the installation’s visitor center. For the Army, a Common Access Card, a retired military ID or military dependent ID, and a visitor’s access pass are all accepted forms of identification. After a card or pass is swiped, further user validation may be required via a fingerprint or a personal identification number.

The information is then transferred to a data center, where it is analyzed against a trusted traveler database. Meanwhile, an onsite camera system is used to capture images of the visitor’s vehicle, as well as a visual of the visitor’s face. All elements of the security system are then formulated to provide the guard on duty with the most sufficient data to determine access.


The continued success of the U.S. Army program drives our team to develop unique offerings that can meet other military, federal and private agency needs. AIE is a modular system, and it continues to transform into an offering that can accommodate the most technical and intricate requirements. We are committed to the growth of AIE and to continuing to serve our customers.