Intelligence support plays a critical role in protecting the warfighter from both unknown and known threats on the battlefield. One of the biggest threats to troops is improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

As a result, BAE Systems has developed an advanced data network system to help to eliminate battlefield threats and keep soldiers in the field one step ahead of their enemies.

Our tactical analysts work alongside soldiers to analyze and process a wide variety of data ranging from combatants building explosive devices (IEDs) in their homes to discovering a large IED distribution network.

The system plays a critical role in protecting the warfighter from both unknown and known battlefield threats through a network that delivers real time access to integrated database systems that contain a wide range of relevant data.

With organized access to these systems, an analyst can quickly pull together multiple layers of real time intelligence, such as geospatial images, human intelligence and signals intelligence to identify if a pattern of activity will be a threat.

BAE Systems provides a host of intelligence analysis and support capabilities including:

  • Intelligence Support, which provides the full range of skill sets in the intelligence field such as All Source Intelligence, Counter IED, Full Motion Video (FMV) and Training solutions;
  • Homeland Defense, which support areas include Open Source Analysis, Threat Finance Analytical Support, Law Enforcement Intelligence Support, Critical Infrastructure (CI) Analytical Support and Training, Surveillance Detection (SD) & Critical Infrastructure Services support;
  • Strategy and Gaming, which enables customers to engage their challenges through a diverse range of solutions to include Gaming Action to Social Science Research; and
  • Support to Military and Intelligence Operations, which provides support to military and law enforcement customers, ranging from linguistics skills, direct operational support and infrastructure sustainment.