Building an Indian supply chain
for a global company

Developing an in-country supply chain is key to our commitment to Make in India.
Image of aircraft assembly
Image from the India Suppliers Summit 2019

Strengthening our supply chain

BAE Systems strengthens supply chain network in India with second annual Supplier Summit
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M777 Ultra Lightweight Howitzer

Approximately 40 Indian suppliers across the country have been assessed to join the global supply chain of the M777 Ultra Lightweight Howitzer. With an offset commitment of over $200 million, our strategy is to open opportunities for the Indian supply chain across our Air, Land, Sea and Security programmes, both locally and globally, creating jobs, enhancing skills and building manufacturing capabilities in India. The establishment of an in-country Assembly, Integration & Test (AIT) facility working with Mahindra will further grow the industrial capacity of India.

Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer

HAL and BAE Systems have a collaboration on aircraft programmes spanning seven decades. The intention is to extend this partnership to provide integrated support for the Indian Hawk and Jaguar aircraft through the joint venture company, BAeHAL. Combining BAE Systems’ global support experience with HAL’s significant experience of supporting Indian customers will enable BAeHAL to design a support service focused on the IAF’s key requirements. BAeHAL will work to develop indigenous solutions for selected Hawk and Jaguar aircraft.

Kineco Kaman Composites India

BAE Systems supplies the Mission Computing and Display System for the P-8 Poseidon aircraft. Each P-8 aircraft has five consoles which serve as the main user interface to control and interact with sensors, communications and weapon systems on the aircraft. As part of our commitment to help develop aerospace and defence industrial capabilities in India, we initiated the sourcing of these consoles from Kineco Kaman Composites India (KKCI) Private Limited, a joint venture company between Kineco Group of Goa and Kaman Aerospace Group USA. Our teams have been developing KKCI’s capabilities to achieve readiness for this production. KKCI is the first supplier in India developed through P-8 industrial commitments by BAE Systems.
We are developing critical industrial capabilities and technical expertise across local companies in India.

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