Our strategy is comprised of five key long-term areas of focus that will help us to achieve our vision and mission. It is centred on maintaining and growing our core franchises and securing growth opportunities through advancing our three strategic priorities and demonstrating Company Behaviours. 

Group Strategic Framework

    Our vision

    To be the premier international defence,  aerospace and security company
    Our mission

    To provide a vital advantage to help our customers to protect what really matters

Our strategy

  • Sustain and grow our defence and security businesses
  • Continue to grow our business in adjacent markets
  • Develop and expand our international business
  • Inspire and develop a diverse workforce to drive success
  • Enhance financial performance and deliver sustainable growth in shareholder value
  • Advance and integrate our sustainability agenda


Our strategic priorities

Our three strategic priorities, which are embedded throughout the Group, provide the link between our longer-term strategy and near-term business objectives for all our employees.
  • Drive operational excellence
  • Continuously improve competitiveness and efficiency
  • Advance and further leverage our technology

Our values

Trusted  |  Innovative  |  Bold