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Defence has always been an incubator for technology, bringing huge advances to the civilian world in the process. Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, GPS and even the computer mouse are all technologies with roots in defence.

This page is a growing list of our more recent technology stories, including our factory of the future​ in the North West, which could help transform manufacturing in the UK. You can also read about our work to reduce underwater noise from ships, which could reduce harm to marine wildlife. We’re proud of our innovators and how they are bringing real advantage to our customers, where it counts.
Image of electric powered aircraft

Clearing the path for electric flight

We're pairing flight controls with aircraft power management and energy systems to help urban air mobility aircraft take off
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Image of BAE Systems employee with UK sport partner

Partnering with UK Sport

We are supporting British athletes in preparing for sporting success through the application of leading edge technologies and engineering solutions
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Image of Phasa 35

Solar powered flight

PHASA-35 is a solar-electric, high altitude, long endurance, unmanned aerial system which provides an alternative to systems such as satellites or conventionally powered aircraft
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Image of digital shipyard

Towards a digital shipyard

Our Global Combat Ship is the first of its type to be fully designed on digital systems and now we aim to go much further, as we digitise our shipyards.
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Our heritage

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