Typhoon: King Of Swing And A Whole Lot More

We play a key role in developing the very latest technologies for this world leading combat aircraft. Keeping Typhoon ahead of the rest requires a robust plan to deliver. That's where the Phased Enhancement Programme comes in. A structured approach to developing the aircraft using the collective strength of the four partner nations to deliver results for the programme.

How the phased enhancements approach works

Typhoon was designed from day one with the future in mind. An aircraft capable of standing the test of time, Typhoon continues to grow and expand as a multi-role fighter. Capabilities are delivered through a structured development programme known as the Phased Enhancements Programme. Put simply, a development journey which has seen Typhoon become more and more sophisticated as a weapon system meeting the needs of Air Forces now and in the future.

Typhoon becomes king of swing (P1E)

Phase 1 Enhancements delivered a range of improvements to the aircraft including the integration of the Paveway IV precision guided bomb. Other improvements include enhanced computing power, weapons systems integration advancements and improved sensor suites making Typhoon even more potent whether tasked with air-to-air work, air-to-surface or a combination of both during a single mission. More info can be found via the link below the infograph.
The P1E Enhancements Article

Delivering Long Range Attack Capability (Phase 2 Enhancements)

Phase 2 Enhancements builds upon P1E and includes the integration of the Storm Shadow long range deep strike weapon and the Meteor Beyond Visual Range missile. With these new weapons integrated with the aircraft, Typhoon continues to deliver more capability for it’s operators across the world.
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Wider weapons capability than ever before (P3E)

Phase 3 Enhancements widen Typhoon’s capabilities even further with the addition of the Dual Mode Brimstone 2 missile, providing pilots with the ability to target fast moving ground vehicles.
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Phase 4 and beyond

And the story continues, making sure that Typhoon is equipped to be relevant for decades to come. The next set of enhancements ‘Phase 4 Enhancements’ are currently being defined