E-Scan Contract Signing

On 19th November 2014, Defence Ministers from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain met in Edinburgh, Scotland to witness the signing of a €1bn contract for the development of a world-leading electronic radar system for the Eurofighter Typhoon. This video captures the occasion and provides an overview of what the new capability means for Typhoon.
Eurofighter nations sign the E-Scan contract

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I struggle to imagine Typhoon without an E-Scan radar Air Vice Marshall Gary Waterfall

What Is E-Scan?

E-Scan is an electronically scanning radar that allows the pilot to see quicker and further than ever before. More responsive, more agile, and with a greater capability it is the latest in radar evolution.

How Does It Work?

Using over 1,000 modules E-Scan is steered electronically, repositioning itself within a millisecond. Compared to the the older, mechanically steered M-Scan radar it is a huge step up in Typhoon's development.


An animation of E-Scan radar's capabilities

On Track

The speed and wider capabilities of E-Scan allows pilots to track more targets and track them more effectively. The agile beam control also gives Typhoon the capability to exploit future weapons like Meteor.