Working with an independent research company, we’ve created a paper (see download below) to explore some of the most interesting sustainability technology being developed by others in industry, start-ups and academia. Our aim is to help inform the debate on how we use technology to get to net zero, and perhaps even inspire future partnerships. Since net zero covers a broad range of topics, we’ve focused on five key areas: alternative low-carbon & synthetic fuels; efficiency & optimisation; simulation and modelling; carbon removal & emissions capture and finally fixed infrastructures. If in reading this you feel inspired or think we could work together, please don’t hesitate to get in touch below.
To be a sustainable business we must minimise our impact on the planet and at the same time ensure that our business also makes a positive contribution to the societies that we work alongside. This means our role in keeping nations safe, the safety and wellbeing of our employees, how we work with our local communities, how we support serving and former members of the Armed Forces and how we contribute to skills and education. We have big ambitions for making our business sustainable – defence does not have a free pass. We are listening, learning and collaborating and most importantly, making progress.
If you are inspired, then email us
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Charlotte Higgo
Head of Communications - Sustainability