Menopause has been a taboo subject for far too long. With three in four women experiencing a wide range of symptoms, we will all be touched by it - if not ourselves, then as partners, sons and daughters, friends, colleagues and line managers. It’s important that we’re able to have open, respectful conversations about menopause so nobody feels they have to suffer in silence, or mask what they’re going through. We are committed to being a menopause friendly employer and I encourage other businesses to do the same. It’s an important part of building an inclusive workplace in which we support one another to be our best. Sir Simon Lister, UK & RoW Gender Sponsor and BAE Systems Managing Director for Naval Ships
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Why are we talking about menopause now?
“I learnt more in one hour than in the previous 51 years of my life! I feel in a much better position now to talk with, and support, my partner as she is experiencing perimenopausal symptoms.” Feedback from one of our webinars with Henpicked

Pause for thought

Two colleagues in Samlesbury started having frank discussions about the challenges of juggling the physical and psychological changes brought on by the menopause with work and home life. Fast forward to today and their informal support network - now called 'Pause for thought' - has attracted more than 250 members across the UK (and it continues to grow). Their purpose is to provide an open environment for both women and men to share their personal experiences and advice, as well as signposting them to more information and guidance on the subject of menopause. 
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Anastasia Whittaker
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