F-35 Production

As part of our commitment to the largest defence programme in the world, we’ve invested in the latest technology, facilities and people to deliver aircraft sets for the F35 Lightning II programme
Aerial view of Samlesbury site – transformed by investment in the F35

Over recent years, we’ve invested over £150m in new facilities and equipment to ensure that we can meet the demands of the F35 programme. 

On The Pulse

Jon Evans runs the state of the art F35 assembly facility at Samlesbury, Lancashire.  Take a quick tour with Jon here:

Jon Evans,Head of F-35 Operat...

The Integrated Assembly Line, or Pulse line as it’s often referred to has undergone a gradual expansion over recent years to gear up for the demanding rates of the programme. 

Jon Evans - Head of F-35 Operations
The big challenge for us now is to quadruple the production rate whilst at the same time halving the unit cost

Jon Evans

The People

We pride ourselves on our apprentice program, and one of the best examples of the value it brings to the company is the case of 5 of our F-35 supervisors. The 5 supervisors, all under the age of 30, rose through the apprenticeship scheme and are now trusted with the responsibity of delivering our F-35 commitments.

More on the 5 supervisors can be found here: F-35 Under 30s

The 5 F-35 supervisors under 30

Machined To Perfection

Just a stone’s throw from the assembly facility is the F35 machining building. Using the latest in automated technologies, titanium components are machined and passed over to the assembly building.

F-35 Production Gallery